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“Know yourself and you will win all battles.”

Lao Tzu


A place where every person reaches their self-actualized potential so they can live a purposeful, abundant

and incredible life.


Sharpen your awareness & co-create a conscious transformation within your body & mind, reduce life

interferences, expand potential & maximize your performance to become the CEO of your life.


Rooted in the fact that everyone is resourceful & full of potential which can be unleashed with physical, emotional and mental wellness - the backbone to healthy, bright and purposeful living.

Rola Hamade Life & Career Coach


I am an empowering, creative, and growth-oriented coach who facilitates other people’s thinking within & beyond the coaching conversation.

I love working with personas from all walks of life who have been hijacked by their internal & external life complexities.

Rola Hamade Life & Career Coach

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"Rola listens with care while guiding you to your inner space making you aware of your limitations. Then, she supports you to develop a new perspective of your issues. Upon completion of coaching sessions, you will soon realize what was missing & what is needed to reach a better you. A great experience."

Jerome B.

VP Sale


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