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Rola Hamade Life & Career Coach
As far as I can remember, I have made up my mind that I am not a candidate for “Living by Default”; I set sail for a journey of “Living by Design” creating my own destiny so far.

My life has been fueled up with passion, vision and drive to manifest & achieve my goals through courage, discipline and commitment.

Early on in life, I understood that the building blocks for a fulfilling & creative voyage are “physical, emotional & mental wellness”, which I continuously optimize to experience life at its best. 

Holding numerous degrees & certificates from renowned international institutes, among which are BEc, MBA, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Nutritional Consultant, and Certified Senior Professional Coach, I have a multicultural background - fluent in Arabic, French, English & Spanish – and a versatile professional experience spanning over 25 years in the construction, banking, fashion, health & wellness, and coaching industries.

Founder of “Rola Hamade Coaching”, I am fortunate to deliver coaching services across various niches due to my diverse educational & professional journey! I get to partner with amazing clients from different walks of life - corporates, organizations, educational institutes, and households - delivering 1:1, Group & Team coaching services focused on goal setting, awareness building, action planning and accountability. They learn and develop the soft skills that are crucial for personal growth & wellness, career orientation & progression, executive & leadership development, capacity building & productivity, agility & performance.

During & beyond their coaching journey, my clients witness a transformational, enriching & self-empowering experience. They discover that they are resourceful & can have it all – exciting lifestyle, successful career, great relationships, and time for their personal growth & wellbeing. Results are irreversible, as fears are navigated, potentials are unleashed & performance is boosted.

My clients constantly tell me they feel free, are in charge of their lives & fulfilled like never before; they become a better version of themselves and create compelling ‘now’ and ‘future’.

Image by Brian Erickson

“Fitness, physical & mental, is a lifestyle not a destination”.

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