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Career Coaching is a specialized area within the coaching industry that is proper for people at different stages in their lives, starting from university bound students, to workplace place bound graduates, all the way to established high-achievers and top-performers at the work place who want to hone their leadership skills, progress to their next career level, transition to a new industry, or even become entrepreneurs.
Let’s start with few questions:
  • Are you university bound, steering amid your personal identity development and confused about your studies?

  • Are you workplace bound and have no idea where you are stepping into?

  • Are you drifting along a career path by accident, no longer enjoying and lacking motivation?

  • Do you long to step up the corporate ladder, change industry or become an entrepreneur?

  • Do you believe your career has plateaued and there is no more room for growth?

If you are experiencing among others any of these turmoil, then Career Coaching will help you create a meaningful & fulfilling career by aligning your work with your values. It is in this space of overlap where a deeper sense of career gratification & fulfillment becomes a reality.


Through a conscious Career Coaching approach, I will always honor you as the expert in your life and believe you are creative, resourceful and whole. You will learn what type of studies or work you feel truly aligned and fulfilled with, what unique skills & strengths you can contribute, how to market these to find your dream role, and which self-limiting beliefs & behaviors need to be dismantled and replaced with new, productive behaviors & thought processes. I will support you in making informed decisions about your career trajectory and hold you responsible and accountable for your success.


The benefits of conscious Career Coaching aren’t just limited to the workplace; when operating from a place of higher conscious awareness, it becomes second nature, and you will be ideally placed to rationally make the right balance between professional & personal fulfillment, allowing for seamless integration between the two and fostering your engagement, creativity, focus, productivity and performance levels, both at work and home.


Let’s connect in person or from the comfort of your space!


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 

Abraham Lincoln

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