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Image by Syed F Hashemi

Mindfulness Program

Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Shift Mindset

Improve Focus

Promote Wellbeing

Increase Engagement & Productivity

Maximize Performance

We are living in a challenging world governed by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity which are negatively impacting our overall wellness, engagement and efficiency, among others.  As a result, we are experiencing a heightened level of stress and burn out, with "STRESS" being dubbed "the health epidemic of the 21st century" as per World Health Organization.
Let’s start with few questions:
  • Are you eager to manage your emotions and decrease stress & anxiety?

  • Do you feel disengaged, demotivated and out of focus?

  • Are you working from home, have blurred boundaries between personal & professional life, and juggling work, parenting & spouse relationship in the same space?

  • Do you live in the past or are you constantly anxious about the future?

The good news is that our modern challenge - the overwhelm, the stress, the distraction, the constant anxiety, the sprinting mind, the lack of ease and joy, the deficiency in productivity and performance - has a timeless remedy called “MINDFULNESS”.  

In simple terms, Mindfulness is “being present in the moment with internal and external awareness”. Mindfulness addresses individuals’ soft skills which are ignored most of the times; it is a practice that can be learned and honed, with proven spill-over effects on their wellbeing, fulfilment, engagement, productivity and performance.   

A safe space to be vulnerable & open, establish trust and confidence, the Mindfulness Coaching Program is a powerful program with proven tools & techniques delivered exclusive 1:1 or to groups in corporates, organizations, educational institutes, and households, among others, to help participants thrive in their own fields:

  • Students (15+): it helps them navigate all-time challenges - such as steering amid their personal identity development, heightened academic competition, and blur around their career prospects - and learn powerful skills for life-long wellbeing.

  • Tutors: It promotes healthy relationships between them & their pupils, foster engagement, and the use of effective teaching and classroom management practices.

  • Households: it helps parents raise up their children with an empowering mindset, setting them up for success & fulfillment.

  • Corporates & Organizations: it optimizes staff wellness, engagement, and sense of belonging, increases their focus, creativity and productivity, and maximizes their performance.

Your mind is a priceless asset and a top priority! ​If you're ready for change, I'd love to hear from you. 

Image by Štefan Štefančík

“Between stimulus & response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth & our freedom.”  

Viktor Frankl

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