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One of the most important things I have done in my life is going through a Coaching journey that has changed me in many aspects, the most important of which is my relationship with myself. Coaching heightened my self-awareness and understanding of my thoughts & emotions, allowed me to face my fears, and increased my energy level. Having a Coach like Rola helped me a lot to succeed in the process. Thanks Coach Rola for your help & support. I always wish you best of luck!



Rola listens with care while guiding you to your inner space making you aware of your limitations. Then, she supports you to develop a new perspective of your issues. Upon completion of coaching sessions, you will soon realize what was missing & what is needed to reach a better you. A great experience.  

Jerome B.

VP Sale

I have known Rola for more than 10 years. My two words to describe her would be: “Love & Art”. Rola has a natural ability to discover that "thing" that prevents many of us from growing as individuals and social persons. I can guarantee you that if you open yourself to Rola, without a doubt, she will guide you to achieve that path of simplicity, success and happiness that many of us so desire in life. 

Lucy Hidalgo

Lawyer / Expert in Air & Space Law

Rola has an extraordinary energy and an authentic voice. She is an inspiring, strong, reflective and insightful coach who is able to create the space and the thought process for her clients to feel safe to explore their potentials to grow, become increasingly self-aware, and reach the best version of themselves. Her questioning obliges you to really decide what it is you want to take action on and she helps you to create a real awareness of the whole issue through genuine, very present and active listening. Rola takes time with you to process and help you commit and account for difference making actions. I have been really grateful for my work with her.

Jenny Burrett

Executive Coach & Mentor 

Rola is an empathetic coach. Her ability to listen and steer her clients to clarity have distinguished her among other coaches. She is particularly skillful in assisting her clients to design action plans with discernible milestones. She is also resourceful, non-judgmental and kind. With Rola, you are in good hands.

Lillian Cheng

Managing Partner at Cheng, Monroe & Associates, Inc.

I had the pleasure to have Rola as my coach. She helped me by applying thought-provoking and creative processes to improve my potential. I was able to identify my fears and limiting beliefs, but more importantly face into them and change. This has resulted in a lot of personal growth. Because of her coaching, I am able to reach my goals and understand my thought processes better. I highly recommend Rola as a coach.

Maria Lunt

Business Coach

My coaching experience with Rola has been absolutely beautiful. She has always helped me explore my strengths and the best side of myself. Rola has the uniqueness of opening your eyes to productive possibilities with her silence.

Shaikha Abdul Muthalib

Talent Consultant

When I met Rola Hamade, I was facing lots of challenges in my personal life and in my career journey; I felt like I was stuck and needed a push to go on. I’m so grateful that Rola appeared in my life, at the right time, just when I needed her coaching services most. Rola’s loving and trustworthy personality made the flow of each coaching session smooth, warm, and very positive. Her Life Coaching skills and professionalism helped me reorganize my life, see my points of strength, set my priorities, and set my OWN Values. My coaching journey made me view my life from a different perspective, from a holistic point of view. Moreover, Rola’s coaching has empowered me with the know-how and the skills needed to move on and change my life. After working with Rola for 2 months, I feel that I’m empowered and able to take charge of my life again. I benefited greatly from Rola’s coaching and recommend her highly. Rola is a warm and generous human being, and a professional life coach. 

Leila A.


I love working with Rola. She has such a positive view on life and through her powerful questioning I've learned a lot about myself. After the first couple sessions with her, I was rejuvenated and motivated to finish writing my book. She is a great listener and confidante, and an excellent coach.

Shyann West

Field Development & Engagement Manager, Author, Public Speaker

When I was about to give birth to my first child, I was so stressed & anxious. Through our sessions, I gained awareness of the reason behind my anxiety, I became more positive and less anxious & my whole thought process changed! A lot of where I am today whether in dealing with my kids or dealing with my job is due to the mind shift achieved during Rola’s coaching sessions! Thank you Rola; you made a huge impact on my life & you are a joy to talk to!

M. Murad

Senior HR Consultant

Rola is a genuine human being, a non-judgmental coach, and a strong smart woman who walks her talk. She is laser focused on her coaching practice, committed to bring the best in her clients & in constant quest for self-growth which in itself a huge inspiration for her clients. 

Zeina Hani

IT Project Manager

I had an amazing experience working with Rola! Her professionalism and dedication is indescribable. She gave me a very open, secure and comfortable environment to talk and express myself. With her coaching and methods, she has brought about a dynamic change in my life which I believe I wouldn't have been able to achieve before! She is a sensitive, kind and empathetic woman, associating with whom has been the decision so far! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking forward to bring about a revolutionary change in their life!

Anushka Mona Mittal

University Student

Coach Rola helped me achieve a better me by carefully listening and giving excellent and spot on observation and feedback; this was a wonderful experience to see how I was and how I became in a span of few months. Thank you very much. 



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