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COACHING is the buzzword that we keep on hearing over and over again during the pandemic, as if the COACHING onset coincided with the COVID outburst. All of a sudden the demand for COACHING services skyrocketed across all niches, on both the personal and professional levels. I get all sorts of questions about the booming COACHING industry, ranging from people who are curious to brush over the concept all the way to those who are eager to delve into its essence, embarking on a journey of learning and self-fulfillment.


In simple terms, COACHING is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance; it is a future driven approach that helps them to learn, rather than teaching them.

COACHING is the vehicle that drives people from where they are to where they want to be in the future. During this journey and beyond, they will create self-awareness, understand their inner-self, challenge their status quo, and defy their fears, uncertainties and limiting beliefs which are breaking their momentum. Once done, they will have access to their full potential and take actions to change and accomplish their goals. In a nut shell, COACHING will set them free to create their future.

Now, let’s explore two fundamental questions “WHY COACHING?” and “WHAT are the COACHING benefits?” with facts and statistics.

The idea of simply delivering information to an employee or the general public via webinars or presentations and expecting them to retain and benefit from this information is outdated. About 50 per cent of all information taught from a presentation is forgotten within an hour. Fast forward seven days, and that figure rises to 90 per cent. The approach that resolves that is COACHING; it allows people to learn in an atmosphere that is much more engaging than a presentation giving them the opportunity to learn for themselves.

The benefits of COACHING are split into two levels, personal & organizational. On the personal level, people develop self-awareness, become more reliant, communicate more effectively, gain more job and life satisfaction, work more easily and productively with others, and take greater responsibility and accountability for their actions and commitments, to name a few. On the organizational level, COACHING empowers individuals, encourages them to take responsibility, improves their performance, and increases their engagement and sense of belonging, helps identify and develop high potential employees and improves their retention rate, among others. According to ICF Global Coaching Client Study, individuals who partner with coaches have reported several benefits, including improved:

  • Self-confidence by 80%

  • Relationships by 73%

  • Communication Skills by 72%

  • Work performance by 70%

Individuals and organizations, alike, are realizing the COACHING value and its spill-over effect on people’s life and performance, which explains the boom of the COACHING industry.


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