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Updated: May 25, 2021

COACHING was always closely attached to the sports world in a sense that all athletes whether competing in individual sports or team sports had coaches to help them unleash their potential & decrease interferences which lead them to maximize their performance; a formula explained & proven by W. Timothy Gallwey, author of the bestselling Inner Game series books & founder of the Inner Game Corporation.

It took the business world long enough to catch up with the sports world; fortunately, in the 21st century it did and during the pandemic it is certainly moving at full speed. It wasn’t so long ago that what mattered wasn’t choice but tradition, what counted wasn’t standing out but fitting in. However, that time has gone and the world has evolved. We are surrounded by opportunity and choice in every corner of our life. The signs were there in the 20th Century with the rise of psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, the human potential movement, positive psychology which all support the belief that humans, as individuals, are unique beings and have untapped potential; they shall be recognized for that and they can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, creativity, and fulfillment.

Having said that, IS COACHING A FAD? The short answer is: NO!

COACHING is a result of the confused, dissatisfied, anxious, inspired, celebrated self-confronting ambiguity, complexity, choice and uncertainty. It’s an inevitable evolution of the professions that have so long focused on illness and dysfunction. COACHING addresses the age-old question that finds its place in any society: “How do we live at our best?”

When you think of it, if you want to improve performance in any area of life, the very first thing that needs to change or operate differently is the mind, and for that you need a coach. Someone who is able to mould and guide your perception of yourself and what you are capable of and to set you on track for what you want to achieve.

COACHING is evolving and it won’t disappear unless the world bizarrely regresses hundred years!

COACHING is not a fad! COACHING is needed and it’s here to stay!


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